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AG Homes  |  Durham, North Carolina


Are you accepting pre-sales?

In this climate, this will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. Due to volatile prices for lumber and other materials - we want to be able to stand by our word when we come to an agreed price for one of our homes. 

Can I make changes to a house you build?

A buyer may come in during the early phases of a project and request to make changes to the design, so long as material orders have not already been placed and a pre-sale is acceptable. Change orders, limitations, and fees do apply. Unfortunately, none of those changes may be structural.

How would making selection changes work?

We only consider making changes with serious buyers. After receiving the spec sheet containing all selections, if the buyer determines it is the house for them, we would go under contract and collect a builders deposit to hold the property. If you desire to make some changes, we'd schedule a consult with one of our designers. He/she would take notes of your desired changes and bring it to us. At that point, we will respond to you or your broker with what we will or will not do and associated costs of each line item. Then, the buyer can decide which changes to make from there.

How much will changes cost?

This depends on requested changes, but generally there is a change order fee + the cost of the change.

Will you build a house for me on my land?

Unfortunately, no. Although we'd love to build your dream home, we are not in the business of building custom homes at this time. However, we are well-connected and can refer you to a high quality builder, so don't hesitate to reach out to us.