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Do I get to make my own selections?

We are primarily a spec building company, which means we've already established pricing, ordered or installed the selections. However, we are happy to discuss changes you may want to make. Unfortunately, none of those changes may be structural.

How would making selection changes work?

We only consider making changes with serious buyers. After receiving the spec sheet containing all our selections and determining if the house is right for you, we would go under contract. If you desire to make some changes, we'd schedule a 1 hour consult with one of our designers billed at $150/hr. He/she would take notes of your desired changes and bring it to us. At that point, we will respond to you or your broker with the cost of each line item change and you can decide which changes to make from there.

How much will changes cost?

Change order fees will apply + the cost of the change.

I own my own land or lot. Will you build a house for me?

Unfortunately, no. Although we'd love to build your dream home, we are currently set up as a spec building company, not a custom home builder. However, we are well-connected and can refer you to a high quality builder. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.


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